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Luxury Portable Bathroom Hire That Isnt Afraid Of A Worksite

At Ensuites On Tow we believe you can have the best of both worlds when it comes to hiring a quality portable toilet. Luxurious enough for your clients and work crew and tough enough for the worksite, our portable toilets are one less worry during your building and renovations.

Ensuites On Tow is one of Brisbane’s leading portable toilet hire business catering to all your worksite, household, event and renovation needs. Modern and hygienic, our Luxury Portable Toilets are available for an affordable rate that doesn’t compromise on quality, cleanliness, comfort or safety. Our units help your worksite run smoothly and efficiently, designed to offer luxury, convenient and quality alternative to other market products.

We enable you to provide a duty of care to your customers and work crew, whether you are renovating a bathroom and need to provide a suitable temporary solution for a client or taking on a larger commercial scale project like a shopping centre where multiple toilets will need to be hired for an extended amount of time. We have flexible hire options available This allows you the freedom to avoid the pressure of that completion date when things don’t go to plan!

A respite from poorly ventilated traditional port-a-loo latrines, our portable toilet units are suitable even for your clients as you renovate their homes and bathrooms. Offering Ensuites on Tow to your clients allow you to renovate any bathroom while providing at home comforts for all family members. Hire the ensuite for the family and the portable toilet for the crew. Additionally, offering this service to your customers could actually help generate work for your building and renovation business, you’ll be remembered as the builder that caters for his clients first!

With all the modern comforts we have come to expect, this premium portable toilet comes with the lot. As Australia’s cleanest smelling portable toilet on the market, it is perfect for all worksites, big or small. Enjoy the space and convenience of a full-sized portable toilet complete with a non-slip flooring and dual flush toilet suite, just like the one at home!

Our portable toilet units use a unique waste treatment system that features a premium ‘auto-pumping’ technology. It macerates the waste and expels it into a nearby sewer point or septic tank up to 50 metres away. No harsh and harmful chemical and no storage tanks ensure our portable toilets have no smell. Set up on your work site in minutes by our professional installers, we guarantee a no fuss installation and hire.

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