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Give Glamping A Luxurious Addition With Portable Glamping Bathrooms

Glamping is camping’s elegant big sister. It mixes the beauty of nature and the outdoors with the amenities and convenience of staying in a hotel. One way to make this experience even more glamorous is to rent a portable bathroom to take with you. Types of glamping There are all sorts of glamping experiences, including [...]

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5 Expert Bathroom Renovation Tips!

How should you approach your new bathroom project for an outcome you’ll love? Well, here are five top bathroom renovation tips for the best bathroom on the block (and one of them is bathroom hire for renovation!)

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Best Camping Spots in Brisbane

Wondering where you should visit for your next camping adventure? Well, we’ve narrowed it down for you. Check out our list of the six best camping spots near Brisbane (made even better when you hire a portable bathroom!).

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Why You Should Hire A Shower For Your Event Or Getaway

When planning an outdoor event or getaway you may not consider the benefits of having portable showers on site. Yet these portable hire options are great for guests that are staying overnight and for events that might get a bit messy like mud runs. If you are deciding whether to hire a shower for your [...]

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