Our Top Tips for Planning Your Next Outdoor Event

If you are planning an outdoor event this year, make sure that you follow our tips to ensure that your guests have the time of their lives! Start with a Theme Before you consider private event higher, start by choosing the theme for your outdoor event. Whether the occasion is a birthday party, graduation, engagement or anniversary, having a theme in mind makes planning your party much easier. Once you have an idea of what the party’s theme will be, you can then use this as your guide for styling your event. From the invitations, colour schemes, menu options right down to your music choices. Your theme can even dictate the dress code and the activities you’ll be doing during the event! Of course, there will be a few things that need to happen regardless of the party theme, like hiring tables, chairs, and lighting but you’ll also need to make sure you have bathroom facilities available to cater for all of your guests. Ensuites On Tow’s luxury bathrooms are the perfect choice, to ensure your guests are comfortable throughout the festivities. Be Mindful of the Time of Year When it comes to planning an outdoor event, being mindful of the time of year is essential. The weather can sometimes be unpredictable, but you can generally guess what times of year will have more wet or hot weather. Try to plan around the months with the most rain, so you avoid a situation where your guests are left standing outside during a storm! If you can’t avoid the risk of rain or wind altogether, make sure that you have a backup plan just in case. Invest in a covered patio or party tent that will allow the party to continue regardless of the weather. If your gathering is going to be much smaller, it may be ideal to have an indoor space prepared just in case. […]

The Top 5 Things to Consider Before Renovating Your Bathroom

Renovating your bathroom is a major decision and it can be very exciting dreaming about what your new bathroom will look like, but before you begin there are a few things to consider first. Read on to find out what planning is required to minimise downtime and ensure your new renovation runs smoothly. 1. Have Your Contractors Lined Up First things first, you must have your contractors lined up. Bathroom renovations require several different professionals, ranging from plumbers and tilers to designers and electricians. Don’t wait until after you start construction to start looking for a plumber or an electrician – this will only delay the completion of the project! Instead, research and interview all potential contractors beforehand so you have an idea of their timeline and the expense. Also, by doing so, you will have a better idea about the order the contractors need to be organised in and precisely when they will be needed on site. 2. Consider the Functionality and Layout As you get started with the design for your bathroom renovation, it can be easy to get caught up with different options you’ve seen online (Pinterest – we’re talking about you!). But, you really do need to spend some time considering the functionality and layout of the space as well as the aesthetics. Sure, modern décor and unique vanities may look appealing, but it needs to be functional and these might not work so well for the little people in your home so think about how you will use the bathroom in your daily life. For example, do you really need a giant bathtub, or would it make more sense to have a spacious walk-in shower? Carefully make these decisions because you don’t want to end up with a beautiful bathroom that you can’t actually use! […]

Why You Need A Gold Coast Luxury Bathroom For Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking. You have to plan every detail, from the flowers, food and music to where your guests will go to use the bathroom!  This is where Gold Coast bathroom hire comes in – you can hire a luxury, accessible bathroom from us so that your guests are comfortable and [...]

Every Event Needs Gold Coast Toilet Hire!

If there’s one thing that almost anyone can agree on, it’s that using a public bathroom or porta-potty at an event is not a pleasant experience. That’s why every event needs Gold Coast toilet hire! The Cleanest, Most Luxurious Bathrooms in Australia When you’re hosting an event, you work hard to provide an exciting and luxurious experience for your guest’s right? So why shouldn’t this include the cleanest, most luxurious bathrooms in Australia! Our portable toilet hire service provides you with a stylish, comfortable, and practical portable bathroom solution that is far superior to the traditional porta-potty’s. Not only do our luxury toilets look great, but they also include a wide range of features that are sure to impress your guests and make it an event to remember! How Many Toilets will you Need? Knowing how many toilets you will need is an essential part of event planning. There are times when the venue has enough space to accommodate your entire guest list, but can only provide half of the number of bathrooms you would need to make it comfortable! With the Gold Coast toilet hire, we work with you to determine the appropriate number of toilets needed for your event. This will eliminate long wait times and ensure that all of your guests are comfortable. Some events may only need one portable toilet hire, but larger gatherings may require two or three of our luxury bathrooms. Whether you have 10 or 300 people at your event, our goal is to provide you with the right bathroom hire for your needs. […]

Luxury Portable Ensuites for Sunshine Coast Weddings

It’s going to be the best day ever—your wedding day! You’ve picked the caterer, the floral arrangements, and the dress. Now, all that’s left are not-as-fun logistics like the wedding timeline, your rainy-day alternative, and your marriage certificate. Unfortunately, many couples don’t think about the bathroom facilities (or lack thereof) for their Sunshine Coast wedding, [...]

How Portable Bathrooms Can Take Glamping to the Next Level

What is Glamping? Glamping is where camping meets luxury – you can experience the great outdoors without having to sacrifice all of the comforts of a hotel room! The name comes from combining the words glamorous and camping, and your imagination is the only limit to how luxurious this type of camping can be. Although [...]

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How You Can Benefit From Owning An Ensuites On Tow Franchise

Franchising with Ensuites On Tow has many benefits, which will not only help you achieve your professional goals but also allows you to maintain a work-life balance. From ongoing support to setting your own hours, there is so much potential when you choose to become part of the Ensuites On Tow team! Joining an already [...]

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Our Black Luxury Bathrooms Will Be All The Talk At Your Next Event

Our black edition bathrooms are here and ready for your upcoming event! We have packed a load of features into these luxurious suites to ensure that you and your guests are comfortable no matter how high profile they may be. With quality and class combined these bathrooms will be the hottest item at your next [...]

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Organising Event Toilets In The Lead Up To Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year where everyone can let loose a little and have some fun while sharing special moments with colleagues and family. However, to ensure your Christmas event runs smoothly you need to organise everything in advance. One such item that should be on your list, whether you have a lot [...]

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Why You Should Hire A Shower For Your Event Or Getaway

When planning an outdoor event or getaway you may not consider the benefits of having portable showers on site. Yet these portable hire options are great for guests that are staying overnight and for events that might get a bit messy like mud runs. If you are deciding whether to hire a shower for your [...]

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